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Deep Penetrating Sealer RJ-AS02

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RJ-AS02 is a mixture of crystalline material,surfactant, catalyst and some functional additives.Because of the low surface tension, RJ-AS02 can penetrate deep into the concrete effectively(>10mm).Crystalline material reacts in the penetration process, the formation of insoluble gel crystals combine with the concrete structure into a whole, so that any direction of water and other liquids are blocked and concrete structure is reinforced.

Technical Index



Physical form

Clear liquid


Slight   irritating smell



Surface   tension (mN·m-1)


Density (g/cm3)



  • Can withstand strong water pressure for a long time

  • Deep penetration(>10mm)

  • Enhance the strength of concrete, prevent chemical corrosion

  • Treated surface does not affect the subsequent waterproof construction(such as coating)

  • Aquatic products, no VOC, environmentally friendly


  • Concrete structure, such as basement, tunnel, swimming pool, dam, water tank container.

  • Mortar waterproof seal,as a mortar repair material

Use guide

Clean the surface of the oil and dirt.Completely wet concrete surface with plenty water(Keep wetting time about 60min).When the concrete is wet but no obvious water exists on the surface(dry saturated), carefully and evenly spray RJ-AS02 on the surface( 120~140 g/m2), for a small area you can also use brush or roller.After the first construction,RJ-AS02 penetrate into the surface no obvious water exists on the surface(dry saturated) about 20-30min, then spray the second time RJ-AS02(80~100 g/m2).If the waterproof requirements is very high,do the third or four times construction. Maintain the base surface wetting, continuous curing 24h, clean the base surface with water, if the surface has white precipitate.


200L drum or 1000L IBC Totes.


Do not contact with other chemicals,store in a cool dry place.

Shelf life

12 months.