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Base Oil for PFPE Grease

RUI-J series products is an ideal for the use in lubricating fluid and grease as base oil especially when pumping strongly oxidative substances like oxygen, ozone or nitric oxides as well as highly reactive substances like halogens and hydrogen halides.

RUI-J series products will not polymerise under the influence of high energy radiation.


● Chemical inertness

● High thermal stability

● Good lubricant properties

● No flash or fire point

● Low toxicity

● Good aqueous and non-aqueous solvent resistance

● High dielectric properties

● Low surface tension

● Environmentally acceptable

● Excellent compatibility with metalplastice elastomers

Technical Index 

Kinematic Viscosity(cst)20°C55081010501200150018002100

Pour Point(°C)-37-36-33<-32<-30-26<-22
Evaporation Loss(%)120°C, 22h<1<1-----

149°C, 22h1.

204°C, 22h<2<21.21<1<1<0.8
Surface Tension(Dyne/cm)22222222222222
Density(0°C, g/cm3)1.931.941.941.941.951.951.95


RUI-J series is used as base oil for PFPE grease. By adding thickening agents and other functional additives, the grease is with outstanding performances to meet the most challenging demands.It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, machinery, chemical, electronics, appliances, aerospace, military, textile, printing and dyeing industries.