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RUI PFPE Oils(Perfluoropolyether Oils) are only composed of carbon C, fluorine(F), and oxygen(O) atoms. The existing C-O and C-F bonds are highly stable. For this reason, PFPE oils are practically inert against all chemical and oxidizing influences.

RUI PFPE Oils will not polymerise under then influence of high energy radiation. RUI PFPE Oils have already been taken as ideal replacement of Fomblin PFPE Oils by the clients from USA, Germany, UK, Korea, Russia., etc. 

RUI PFPE Lubricants have following properties:

v Chemical inertness    v High thermal stability
v Good lubricant properties v No flash or fire point
v Low toxicity v Good aqueous and non-aqueous solvent resistance   
v High dielectric properties v Low surface tension
v Good radiation stability v Environmentally acceptable
v Excellent compatibility with metalplastice elastomers

RUI PFPE Vacuum Pump Oils M Grades are ideal for the use in vacuum pumps as sealing & lubricating fluid and working fluids especially when pumping strongly oxidative substances like oxygen, ozone or nitric oxides as well as highly reactive substances like halogens and hydrogen halides.

RUI PFPE Oil Y Grade are widely used as base oil for PFPE grease.