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Silicone Diffusion Pump Oil

Distributors Information: 

진공오일 한국 대리점 Pump Oils Agent in Turkey

Singapore Distributor for South-East Asia

Dow Corning no longer provide DC702, DC704 and DC705 to general market, RUIchem provides RUI702, RUI704 and RUI705 as ideal replacements. 

RUIchem silicones have already beening supplying a large quanttiy of diffusion pump oils to USA, Russia, Germany, France, Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, India, etc. Not even a single quality and service complaint about RUI702, RUI704 and RUI705 till now! We sell our diffusion pump oils from 1KG to 3000KG per order. 

Still looking for high quality diffusion pump oils? Why not try RUI702, RUI704 and RUI705? 

The reasons for choosing RUIchem Diffusion Pump Oils:

1. All of our customers take RUI diffusion pump fluids as ideal replacements of Dow Corning 702/704/705, so far not even a single quality complaint from them. 

2. We guarantee you RUI diffusion pump fluids are not only good in one batch, but will be good for every batch due to the strictest quality control system of diffusion pump fluids in China. 

Nowadays, people are talking about crystallization problem of some other brand 704 oil. RUIchem analysized the crystals, we found the composition of the crystals is Methyltriphenyl Siloxane, RUIchem use better raw materials and have the strickest quality control system to control the quality, so we gurrantee you that no cyrstallization problem will happen in RUI704. 

Click here for quality control system of RUIchem. 

3. The prices of RUI diffusion pump oils are only 1/3 of Dow Corning diffusion pump oils. Choosing RUI diffusion pump oils means saving costs for the same vacuum performance. 

4. If you found any problem in RUI diffusion pump oils and you can give us the evidence, you can return the cargo and RUIchem will compensate all your loss. 

5. You don't have the experience for importing materials from China? Don't worry! No matter where you are located, RUIchem Silicones will be albe to deliver the diffusion pump oils to you within 14 days. 

You are welcome to summit your sample request to, once your sample request is approved, 500g free samples will be provided to you.


Qualified for all Diffusion Pump
Chemically and thermally stable
High radiation resistance
High oxidation resistance
High moisture resistance
Low vapor pressure
Water vapor resistance
Excellent performance/price ratio




Equivalent Brand




Ultimate Vacuum, torr



5x(10-9 ~10-10)

Saturated Vapor Pressure , torr






1.06 ~ 1.07

1.09 ~ 1.10

Viscosity(25°C), cSt




Flash Point, °C




Boiling point, °C




Refractive Index, 25°C




Congealing Point, °C



≤-14 ~ -18

Molecular Description




IR Comparison between RUI704 and DC704

lSilicone Diffusion Pump Fluid RUI702 and RUI704 has quicker pumping speed than RUI705, while RUI705 has a better untimate vacuum performance. Because the flashing point of RUI702 and RUI704 are lower than that of RUI705, the energy consumption of RUI702 and RUI704 is lower than that of RUI705.

The users can choose the diffusion pump oil according to the type of the diffusion pumps, the pumping speed required and the energy consumption of the diffusion pumps. 

If you need any support of silicone diffusion pump oils, you are welcome to write email to:  

RUIchem silicones are willing to provide all the necessary technical support to customers. 

Note of Use

The vacuum system and the pump should be kept neutral, noacid or alkali is allowed to be mixed with the product. Even small amount ofacid or alkali will make the product cracking, which will affect the servicelife and the ultimate vacuum level.

The product cannot be mixed with other silicone based products, or it will reduce the ultimate vacuum level

The container ofthe product should be kept sealed, or it will be mixed with the water in air,then the ultimate vacuum level will be affected. If the product is mixed with water, remove the water by vacuum heating before use.