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Silane Impregnant

Silane water repellents have low molecular structure, can penetrate into the substrate surface to provide protection, the penetration depth can reach more than 3mm. They can greatly reduce the absorption of water and chloride ion, thereby extending the service life of concrete and steel bars.

Product Name

Dilution  System

Similar ProductApplicationWater contact angle 

Wood water repellent RJ-WP19

solventWacker BS290Concrete, mortar, stones, tiles, wood and other porous substrates. 120°

Nano-Tech Water Repellent RJ-WP21

solvent-All kinds of concretes, Cement mortar, lime mortar & cement fiber boards150°
General-Purpose Water Repellent RJ-WP18solventWacker BS290Concrete, nature stone, timber, wood pellets and other porous substrates120°