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Silicone Softener

1. Combination of Various Handle Feeling

2. Why silicone softener----Upscale Softness Finishing Solution

All fabrics from natural to synthetic fiber, they need a hand to promote its comfortable feeling----Soft, Smooth, Fluffy, Elastic, Bulk, Gloss,Full....... Therefore, fabric softening treatment has become an important part in textile processing.

After continuous research and development, we are acting as the prominent expertise for textile softening process and offer you various hand feeling choice, even withstand the harshest examination.

Since the advent of first generation silicone-based softener and constant improvement, RUICHEM directly access to the field of best cost-performance and properties silicone softener, offer our clients best solution and service......

Our silicone softener can offer you

Excellent soft and voluminous hand feel

Excellent hydrophilicity 

No yellowing change 

Excellent chemical stability,can resist high temperature, salt, PH and high shear

Good affinity to fabrics

Easy operation


You need choose the best solution for textile processing, RUICHEM is your supervisor,strictly control the finishing treatment for YOU!

3. Features of silicone softener

Excellent hand feeling including collection and preference of softness, smoothness, fullness, elasticity......

Spectacular hydrophilicity for various fabrics including cotton,flax, viscose, polyester, polyamide and any other you are using

Very good stability under hard process condition and compatibility, no stick to roll, no float oil......

No yellowing problem,not change color and impact whiteness

Absolute high cost-performance and good properties by using less usage to achieve same and better effect


4. FAQ

1. How to choose most suitable silicone softener?--------Highest cost-performance

A: If you are using foreign famous company’s products, please tell us brand name, if possible, send us the standard sample, we will analyze and make comparison test, then offer our products which are similar or even better properties at more competitive prices.

B: If you are ending users,and please tell us the fabric and effect you want, then we can offer ideal needed effect with less usage to help you control cost.

2: How to measure hand feeling and other properties? Hand feeling can be data-oriental simply?

Hand feeling can not be measured by device simply, some index of the data can roughly show its hand feeling, like solid content, etc. However, final hand feeling is evaluated by experienced expert through a series of touch and feeling. Therefore, it’s a sensory evaluation.

As to hydrophilicity, at present, RUICHEM several silicone softener can achieve hydrophilicity in 1-5 seconds.

3: Which factors will lead to non-ideal results?

Firstly, different softeners have matched emulsification system and emulsifier to optimize effect, therefore, please do test according to our process instruction.

Secondly, the quality of emulsifier will affect the emulsion effect, therefore, please strictly source high quality emulsifier.

Thirdly, finishing treatment is a step in textile processing, before and after finishing process, the fabrics have been handled by many procedures, there are tens of thousands of chemical molecule into fabrics. It’s quite possible to have chemical reaction rejection reaction with softeners. Therefore, it causes softeners could not exert effect

Please read the relevant operating procedures before testing.