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Industrial Silicone Sealant

RUISIL provides a series of industrial silicone sealants for a wide range of industrial applications, such as sealing and adhesion for electronics parts and assemblage, household appliances, industrial electrical and electronic products, bonding and sealing of solar photovoltaic assembled parts, potting of electronic appliances, etc.

RUISIL industrial silicone sealants have the following features:

 v  No corrosion to the substrates

 v  Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance

 v  Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance

 v  Excellent electrical insulation

 v  Excellent bonding properties

 v  Excellent moisture resistance

 v  Eco-friendly



Working   Temperature

Application   Field

General Purpose Silicone Sealant RJ-M820

One   Component


Sealing and adhesion of electronics parts and assemblage.


Sealing and adhesion of household appliances.


Sealing and adhesion  for   the industrial electrical and electronic products.

Silicone   Sealant For Solar Photovoltaic Assembled   Parts RJ-M811/821

One   Component


Bonding and sealing of the aluminum frame of solar photovoltaic   module and the junction box and TPT/TPE.

Silicone   Potting Sealant RJ-M8000

Two   Component


Used   as silicone encapsulant designed for heat, water, and   insulation of electronic appliances.