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Waterproofing Coatings

The nanometer modified organic silicone rubber waterproof coating we produce uses organic silicone rubber as the host crystal and is supported by nanometer fumed silica, curing agent and coupling agent to consider reactive type polymer waterproof coating. The extremely active nano particle can penetrate into the inside of the part to be painted quickly and cross-link into a three-dimensional network structure, which endows the product with good thixotropy and dispersive stability. Different shapes need waterproof part to form compact, ideal, permeability waterproof layer. This coating has the good performance of both membrane waterproof and permeability waterproof materials, and is the best product for its low temperature resistance (-80 ℃), high temperature resistance(200 ℃ ), weather resistance and water resistance among today’s coated waterproof materials. With broad market space and prospect, our products have attracted large numbers of customers and will produce good social and economic profits.


Main Features

Two Component Anti Graffiti Coating RJ-AG01

1. Extreme low surface tension

2. Excellent anti graffiti effect

3. Good adhesion with other primers coating such as epoxy, polyurethane, acrylate

4. Excellent ageing resistance

Water-based silicone water repellent coating RJ-DN121

1. Excellent water repellecy, high elasticity

2. Easy to use and Easy to Clean

3. Good Adhesion to substrates 

4. Fast Cure 

5. Excellent high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance.

6. Eco-friendly, Non-toxic