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Dimethyl Silicone Oil RJ-201

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Name:Polydimethylsiloxane, Polydimethylsiloxane Oil, Polydimethylsiloxane PDMS, Dimethylpolysiloxane; 

MF: (CH3)3SiO[(CH3)2SiO]n-Si(CH3)3

CAS NO: 63148-62-9

H.S Code: 391000

Equivalent product: Dow Corning 200, Xiameter PMX 200 Silicone Fluid 

Dimethyl Silicone Oil RJ-201 is a series of products with viscosity of 10~600,000cst.Under the strict manufacturing process,the quality of the RJ-201 is able to reach the standard of food,cosmetics and pharmaceutical usage.

Technical Index

ProductChemical NameViscosity
RUISIL RJ-201Hexamethyldisiloxane0.65 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Trisiloxane1 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone1.5 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone2 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone3.5 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone5 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone10 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone20 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone50 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone100 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone200 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone350 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone500 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone1000 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone5000 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone10,000 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone12,500 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone30,000 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone100,000 cst
RUISIL RJ-201Dimethicone600,000 cst


1.Excellent resistance to high and low tempratures (-50~200℃)

2.Special lubricity,smoothness and softness.

3.Excellent chemical stability and electrical insulating property.

4.Good hydrophobic and moisture resistance property.

5.Low surface tension and thermal rate.


1.Used in production of skin creams, bath gel, shampoo and other cosmetics.

2.Used as additives and agents in production of rubber, plastic, latex, polyurethane etc.

3.Used as defoaming agent,lubricant,release agent in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, paint, building materials and other industries.

4.Used as high-grade lubricants, liquid springs, cutting fluids, buffers oil, transformer oil, high temperature brake fluid, brake fluid, instrument damping oil,mold release  agent in machinery, automotive, instrumentation, electronics and other industries.

5.Used as softener, water-repellent agents, feel modifiers and lubricants for sewing line, chemical fiber spinneret in textile, apparel and leather industry.


Polydimethylsiloxane RJ-201 is available in N.W.200KG Iron drums or N.W.1000KG IBC drums.

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