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Polymethylhydrosiloxane RJ-202

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Chemical name: Polymethylhydrogen Siloxane Fluid; Methylhydrogensiloxane; Methyl Hydrogen Polysiloxane;

CAS No: 63148-57-2

Polymethylhydrosiloxane RJ-202 is nontoxic and insipid. As there are fair quantity of relatively active Si-H bonds inthemolecule, under the action of catalysts it can react with chemicals containing active groups, such as double bonds or hydroxyl groups.

This product can be converted into film and used to produce a resilient waterproof coating on various materials by using metal salt catalyst at low temperature. It equips itself with outstanding water repellent property which prevents damage due to moisture, as well as mildew and rust development. Besides, its high vapor permeability allows the material to breathe and let water, vapor escape to the outside without causing damage.

Technical Index




Colorless, tasteless and transparent liquid

Viscosity(at 25°C, mm2/s)


Hydrogen Content,%


PH value


Volatile Content: (150°C, 3H), %

Max 3

Flash Point, °C

Min 160


1.Mainly used in the hydrophobing and moisture-proof treatment of powders, glass, ceramic, leather, paper, metal, cement and marble.

2.Widely used in the finishing of all kinds of fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk, nylon, polyester.

3.Used as the cross linker for additional type silicone rubber series.

4.Used as the basic material and a fundamental intermediate to synthesize some modified silicone oil including polyether modified silicone oil and alkyl based modified silicone oil.

5.Used as hydrophobic agent, lubricant and antisticking agent of oily based foundation of cosmetics


200KG hard plastic barrel or 1000KG IBC Tote.


Sealed and store under 5-30℃ temperature. Avoid high temperature and freezingcondition

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 1 years, if kept in recommended storage.