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Modified Alkyl Aryl Silicone Oil RJ-6017

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Modified Alkyl Aryl Polysiloxane RJ-6017 is especially developed for the manufacturing of the release agent.

Technical Index




light yellow and transparent liquid

Active content, %:


Viscosity(25°C, cst)



l. Excellent resistance to high temperature and excellent performance of lubricity.

2. Does not affect the post-processing performance(such as Painting, electroplating, printing) of castings;

3. Excellent resistance to high temperature, no carbonation even at the temperature of 360°C, therefore no residues, no smoke on the die and molded part;

4.Soluble in hydrocarbons, ethers, esters solvent.


Modified Alkyl Aryl Polysiloxane RJ-6017 can be used to manufacture the release agent that be used in many kinds of metal die casting, such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy die-casting. It is especially suitable for applications with high die temperatures and for the production of big, heavy and complicated parts.

Recommended Usage

Modified Alkyl Aryl Polysiloxane RJ-6017 needs to be emulsified first before use, then it needs to be diluted, the perfect dilution ratio has to be individually determined through trials .

Package & Storage

1.To be packed in plastic barrel of 25KG, 50KG or other package on request.

2. After first opening the product, be sure to seal tightly and store in a cool dark place.

3. The product retains sufficient quality for a period of 12 months after manufacture.

4. Transported as non-hazardous chemicals.