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RUISOFT Silicone Softener RJ-8036B

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Product Description

RUISOFT Silicone Softener RJ-8036B is a linear block silicone copolymer,with polyether and amino functional groups and other traditional chemical entities. Silicone Softener RJ-8036B delivers a smooth and soft hand to cellulosic fibers and synthetic fibers or their blends with natural fibers. RUISOFT RJ-8036B can self-emulsify, which leads to excellent stability and non-demulsification.

Features and Advantages

v Excellent smooth, elastic and soft hand feel

v Excellent chemical stability,can resist high temperature, salt and PH

v Self dispersible 

v Nearly no yellowing change

v Good durability 

v Good compatibility

v Can be applied for all kinds of fabrics

Technical Index

AppearanceClear to slightly brownish fluid
Solid content, %57-60%
pH value4.0-6.0
IonicWeakly cationic


As a textile auxiliary agent, RUISOFT Silicone Softener RJ-8036B can be used for a variety of fabrics,  including cotton, synthetic fibers and their blends with natural fibers. RUISOFT RJ-8036B is self-dispersible, so there is no need for emulsifiers. RUISOFT RJ-8036B can be applied by padding and impregnation finishing. The emulsion based on RUISOFT RJ-8036B is compatible with most textile auxiliaries. 


Padding processExhaustion process
Dosage2 ~ 3g/l0.2~ 0.5%(o.w.f.)
Liquor ratio--1/10 ~ 1/20
Pick up----
pH5.0 ~ 7.05.0 ~ 7.0
Temp.Ambient temperatureAmbient temperature
Time--15 ~ 30 min
Dry160 ℃160 ℃

Performance comparison

The products are subjected to the form of macro-emulsion,following the proportion of oil around 20% in the emulsion. The samples are applied in concentrations of 2% by exhaust on cotton and 1% on polyester.

fabricsoftness Wettability(s)



Half an hour2 hours1 day1 week
Knitted cotton9.017.221391000.15
Woven cotton8.099.51141161190.63
Polyester9.5Not hydrophilic0.19
T/R10.0Not hydrophilic0.83


RUISOFT RJ-8036B is available in 50kg or 100kg plastic drums or other packing on request.


Transport as non-hazardous chemicals. Store in original container only. 

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place.  

Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 1 year, if kept in recommended storage.