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Water Repellent For Wood RJ-WP33E

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Water Repellent For Wood RJ-WP33E is a two component reactive silane/siloxane emulsion for wood products. Mix the RJ-WP33E(A) and RJ-WP33E(B) in a certain proportion, then spray or dip the wood products, it will form a high efficiency waterproof layer and provide long-lasting protection for wood products.

Technical Index

AppearanceLight blue liquidMilky white liquid
Active ContentAbout 40%About 30%
Centrifugal StabilityNo layers after centrifuge at 2500 rpm for 15 minNo layers after centrifuge at 2500 rpm for 15 min


● Excellent waterproof effect for wood products.

● Not affect the appearance of the wood, prolong the life of wood products.

● Water-Soluble, low VOC.


● Ordinary wood and wood products.

● Natural stone and artificial stone.

Use guide

Mix RJ-WP33E(A) and RJ-WP33E(B) 1:1(according to the weight ),fully stir to make it evenly. Dilute the mixed emulsion for about 8-10 times with water,then then spray or brush for several times on the wood surface or dip the wood into the diluted mixed emulsion for about 10mins or more(because wood absorbs the water slowly).After the construction, the wood need 1 day protection ensure to silicone fully cured(Heat or Oven can accelerate reaction).Attention:mixed emulsion can not be stored for a long time,because RJ-WP33E(A) and RJ-WP33E(B) will react with each other.


Water Repellent For Wood RJ-WP33E(A) and RJ-WP33E(B) is available in 200kg drum or 1000L IBC Totes


Sealed storage under 5-30℃, Avoid contact with acids and alkali substance.

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