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Silicone Antibacterial Agent RJ-AB100

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Silicone Antibacterial Agent RJ-AB100s is prepared with quaternarization,hydrosilylation, equilibrium polymerization or condensing polymerization and so on. Because of its characteristics of antiseptic, antistatic, soft and slippery,it could be used widely as fabric microbicide, softer and antiseptic, conditioner for hair. Since the binding for organosilicon quaternary ammonium salt to the surface is due to chemical bond, the fastness is quite good. It is a kind of safe and high efficient cationic surfactant. So it can be widely used as antSibacterial agent in sheet, pillow towel, pillow core, underwear, socks, insoles and feminine hygiene supplies. And it is used in mildew-proof processing of timber,concrete, ship algal antibacterial treatment, etc.

Technical Index




Light yellow  transparent liquid

PH value:

1% aqueous solution 6.0~8.0


Isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol

Active content:


Viscosity (25℃ mpas)



1.It has good washing resistance and stability when combined with fabric. After washing 50 times and placed more than 1 year, its bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect is still above 90%.

2.Non-toxic and nonirritant to skin.


1.Antimicrobial agent for fabric: soak fabric with 1-3% solution, compact the fabric with three-roller press until the weight increase by 80-100%. Dry at 100-110℃.

2.Mildew-proof treatment for timber: mix into 5% solution, add 0.1% organotin emulsion as catalysatorand brush it onto timber.

3.Mildew-proof treatment for cement concrete: mix into 5% solution, spray to the surface of concrete or the interior wall surface with 1-2 KG / ㎡ and it forms an antimicrobial film on the surface when dried.


Available in 25 kg, 50 kg, 200 kg plastic barrel.


Prevent from insolation or rain to avoid cross linking reaction.