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RJ-3055 Super Soft Hydrophilic Micro Silicone Emulsion

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Product Description

Super soft hydrophilic micro silicone emulsion RUISIL RJ-3055 is a linear block silicone copolymer. RUISIL RJ-3055 delivers a hydrophilic,soft and smooth hand to all kinds of fabrics,but is particular suitable for cellulosic fiber. After the treatment of Super soft hydrophilic silicone emulsion RUISIL RJ-3055, the fabric still maintain natural hand characteristics, of which amount is less than other traditional softener.

Features and Advantages

v Excellent soft and smooth hand feel

v Good hydrophilicity 

v No yellowing change 

v Excellent chemical stability,can resist high temperature, salt, PH and high shear

v Excellent compatibility with fixing agent, OBA and so on

v Good affinity to fabrics

v Easy to emulsify

v High performance-price ratio

Technical Index




transparent liquid

Solid content, %



weakly cationic/nonionic

PH(1% in water)



Easily soluble in water


As a textile auxiliary agent, Super soft hydrophilic micro silicone emulsion RUISIL RJ-3055 can be used for all kinds of fabrics. But the best performance will be achieved when applying to cellulosic fibers, such as cotton, rayon, flax, and their blends with polyester. Its properties are similar to Momentive Magnasoft CJS.

For textile finish process, RUISIL RJ-3055 can be applied by padding and impregnation finishing. The emulsion of RUISIL RJ-3055 is extreme stable in a wide PH range, high temperature or high concentrations of salts. Also, it will not stick to rollers. As a result, RUISIL RJ-3055 can be used in special conditions.


RUISIL RJ-3055 is available in 50kg plastic drums or other packing on request.