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Wood waterproof coating RJ-WP19

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RJ-WP19 is a mixture of silane, reactive siloxane,silicone resin and stabilizer.It is a high performance water repellent for surface treatment of concrete,mortar,stones,tiles wood and other porous substrates.

Technical Index

Appearance Clear solution
Active Content80%
Density 25℃ (g/cm3)0.85-0.95


v Good depth of penetration.

v Long waterproof age.

v Suitable for various substrates, no matter alkaline substrates or neutral substrates.

v High resistance to salt, acid,alkalis.

v Rapid development of water repellency.


v All kinds of concrete include aerated concrete.

v Mineral-based natural and artificial stone.

v Wood products.

v Tiles and other porous substrates.

Use guide

Dilute RJ-WP19 with organic solvent such as mineral spirits, methyl benzene, acetic ether or petroleum solvent. Solvents with flash point higher than 60℃ are more recommended. RJ-WP19 can be diluted with a weight ratio of 1:1-1:12( for wood product we suggest dilute RJ-WP19 with a weight ratio of 1:1-5, heat treatment will accelerate the reaction).RJ-WP19 can also be used directly without dilution,when used directly, it has deeper penetration depth and good waterproof effect, but the color of the substrate surface is deepened.

Spray or brush twice or more on substrates, or impregnate substrates into solution for few minutes. Fully cured treated substrate for few days under room temperature, a high temperature would be helpful to accelerate the reaction.


200L drum or 1000L IBC Totes


Sealed storage under 5-30℃, Avoid contact with acids and alkali substance.

Shelf life

12 months.