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    How to identify the waterproof ability of water repellent


    1. Appearance: Especially for transparent oil-base and emulsion water repellent, we can solvent them first to see if the solution is stable without layers. 2.Odor: Usually, water-base emulsion water repellent is odorless. There is VOC in solvent-base waterproof. 3. Hydrophobic ability: drop the water on the waterproof surface, then lead the surface. If the water drop can roll down to fall, it's good hydrophobic. 4. Penetrate ability: Scrape some the waterproof surface, then drop the water. To see whether the water can be absorb by the substrate.

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    What is mortar


    Mortar is formed by the gel material (cement, gypsum, lime), organic adhesives, aggregates, fillers, additives in the appropriate proportion of preparation. After mixing with the water, mortar will cure with the required shape, strength, durability of the artificial stone.