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Water-base silane waterproof emulsion RJ-WP03E

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RJ-WP03(E) is a penetrating silicone water repellent sealer for concrete based on silane/siloxane emulsion. The small molecular structure of silane allows it to deeply penetrate into the substrates and the siloxane will chemically react and bond with the substrates to provide a durable protection. RJ-WP03E is a silane siloxane sealer suitable for porous construction materials such as fiber reinforced cement boards, bricks, concrete blocks, mortar and grout substrates. Both interior and exterior waterproofing use is ok. After construction, its water contact angle can reach 120°or more with high water resistance ability. 

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky white liquid
Active Content40% min
Centrifugal StabilityNo layers after  centrifuge at 3000 rpm for 30 min
Dilution  ratio1:4~1:8


l   Low molecular structure allows product to deeply penetrate into the substrate surface to provide protection, penetration depth≥6 mm

l   Greatly reduce the water absorption of the substrate, resist corrosion and acid rain

l   Not affect the appearance of the substrate, improve anti-efflorescence ability and prolong the life of the substrates

l   Durable, more than 10 years' waterproofing guarantee. 

l   Water-based, low VOC, Eco-Friendly.

Use guide

Dilute concrete sealer RJ-WP03E with water, add 5-10 fold water to RJ-WP03E and mixed uniformly before use. Clean the substrate surface, methods of application include roller, brush or a low pressure sprayer. To obtain a good waterproofing performance, bursh or spray the substrate 2 times. After the construction, substrates need at least 7 days protection(keep them dry and clean) to ensure to silicone resin fully cured to get the maximum protection.


50kg plastic barrel or according to customer request.


Sealed storage under 5-30 ℃ temperature. Avoid high temperature and freezing conditions.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 12 months.

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