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Silicone Grease RJ-T102S

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RJ-T102S is mainly composed of silicone oil, urea compound and solid lubricant. It is suitable for lubrication of rolling bearings at high temperature, high speed or in cold regions. It is especially suitable for lubrication of high-temperature bearings such as aero-motor, high-temperature fan, racing wheel hub, thermo-setting machine, tenter and other low-temperature bearings in the north and south poles.

Product Features

● Excellent high temperature thermal stability and oxidation stability

● Excellent water resistance and protection

● Good resistance to chemical media

● Wide range of applicable temperature

● Meet the requirements of MIL-G-25013D for the U.S. military

Technical Index

AppearanceGray grease
Infiltration degree(60 times,0.1mm)265~295
Density(15ºC, g/cm3)1.05
Dropping point(℃)>340
Evaporation loss(250℃,%)2.5
Applicable temperature range(℃)-50~250


RJ-T102S is available in 12kg,17kg plastic bucket.


This product is stored and transported according to non-dangerous goods.Should be stored in dry and ventilated shade, avoid strong sunlight.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 36 months