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Liquid Waterproof additives RJ-WP08E

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Masonry Sealer RJ-WP08E is a penetrating water repellent sealer for masonry based on silane emulsion. Silanes are well known for their ability to penetrate and provide hydrophobicity, decreasing dramatically the water ingress in treated construction materials. After penetration, silanes react chemically and bond with the substrate which produces durable hydrophobic treatment. RJ-WP08E is suitable waterproofing agent for masonry and cementitious substrates. Both interior and exterior waterproofing use is ok. After construction, its water contact angle can reach 120°or more with high water resistant. Besides, It can be used as admixture in cementitious materials.

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky white liquid
Solid content25±1%
Active content40±1%
Mechanical stabilityNot layered at 2000rpm centrifugal 5 mins
Storage stability≧ 6 months not layered
Water dilution stability3 months not layered after water dilution

Features and Benefits

l   RJ-WP08E can be diluted in water to formulate water repellent products.

l   Low molecular structure allows product to deeply penetrate into the substrate surface to provide protection.

l   Greatly reduce the water absorption of the substrate, resist corrosion and acid rain

l   Not affect the appearance of the substrate, improve anti-efflorescence ability and prolong the life of the substrates

l   Durable, more than 10 years' waterproofing guarantee. 

l   Water-based, low VOC, Eco-Friendly, easy to use.


1. Used as silane sealer for masonry and cementitious substrates. 

2. Used as waterproofing admixture in cementitious materials.

How to use

A. Used as a sealer for surface waterproof treatment of the substrates

Dilute concrete sealer RJ-WP08E with water, add 5-10 fold water to RJ-WP08E and mixed uniformly before use. Clean the substrate surface, methods of application include roller, brush or a low pressure sprayer. To obtain a good waterproofing performance, bursh or spray the substrate 2 times. After the construction, substrates need at least 7 days protection(keep them dry and clean) to ensure to silicone resin fully cured to get the maximum protection.

B. Used as waterproofing admixture in cementitious materials

1. Weighed cement and other materials, mix them with mechanical force.

2. Measure water-proof agent as the 1%-2% proportion of cement ,then mixed in the water, (the water should occupy 35%-40% proportion of cement ) then mix them and stir. 

3. Add the material into mixed concrete under mechanical agitation.

4. Be applied by LiuZhu method leveling or scraper.

5. Cement solidification should be prevented in the rain or exposured in the sun for the first day.

6. Make it fully cured after 14-28 days

7. Ensure the waterproof-layer thickness 10-15mm


50kg, 200kg plastic drum Or other packing on request.


1. Avoid children coming into contact with this product.

2. Being storage in closed containers.

3. No fire on the construction site.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 6 Months.