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RJS-4201 Caprylyl Methicone

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INCI Name : Caprylyl Methicone


RJS-4201 Volatile Alkyl Methyl Siloxane Fluid is a caprylyl branched trisiloxane.The siloxane consists of three silicon atoms, which is the shortest Dimethicone, and an octyl group is attached on the middle silicon.


Appearance  Clear liquid, colorless to light amber, no Significant particulates
Specific gravity (25℃)  0.840
Flash point(closed cup)  110℃
Viscosity (cS, 25℃)  2~4
Active matter Content(%)  100


v Moderate volatility
v Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients
v Clear and colorless
v Low viscosity and surface tension
v Lowers surface tension of organic oils
v Co-solubilizer between silicone oil and hydrocarbon oil
v Disperse dye and pigment


v Excellent spreadability
v Unique light, smooth and less dry feel
v Superior cleansing with no residue
v Improved gloss and color intensity in lipsticks
v Easy to handle and to formulate
v Improve spreadability, reduce tackiness and greasy feel of vegetable oils


v Carrier for other ingredients
v Dispersing medium for hydrophobic powders and pigments
v Can be used in a wide range of personal care applications such as:
v Skin care (e.g., moisturizers, gels, make-up removers, facial cleansers)
v Sun care
v Color cosmetics (e.g., lipsticks)
v Hair care (e.g., leave-on treatments)
v Antiperspirant/deodorant


Caprylyl Methicone RJS-4201 is added into the oil phase and mixed until solved or dispersed evenly. Due to the presence of the caprylyl group on the silicone backbone, this ingredient has good compatibility with a wide range of organic ingredients and pigments while maintaining very good spreading.

This results in a less dry feel and a richer feel when compared to volatile silicones – but still very light due to the moderate volatility.

Being nonflammable and very compatible, this material is easy to handle and to incorporate in a broad range of formulations including
lipsticks and pigmented formulations. It can help to reduce white residues in formulations containing a high level of volatile materials.
Recommended use level is between 5 and 20%.

Packing & Storage

50kg and 170kg barrel. Non-dangerous goods.Pay attention to moisture and prevent acidity and other impurities from mixing with the product during transportation and storage.

shelf life: 2 years