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PFPE Special Grease RUI-PG Series

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RUI-PG series special grease is a kind of PFPE lubricant grease combined with PTFE as thickener, heat-resistant and anti-corrosive additives, RUI-PG series special grease can be applied in extreme harsh environment with high performance.

Product Features

● Low vapor pressure, low volatility

● No flash and ignition point

● High temperature stability

● Water and solvent resistance

● Radiation resistance

● Compatibility with Metals, plastics, and elastomers

● Chemically inert

Technical Index

Kinematic Viscosity(cst, 20°C)800180015001850
Viscosity Index134147142149
Thickening Grade2222
Evaporation Loss(%, 204°C, 22h)<2<
Recommand using temperature(°C)-36~260-32~288-30~270-25~288


RUI-PG series is widely applied as lubrication and sealants for different valves, cocks and bearings; and it can be used as lubrication and protection for various chemical valves and O-ring seals. PFPE lubricating grease can be safely used in all plastic bearings; nuclear, aerospace, food industries; paint production line; chemical industries and many other industries; And because of their low volatility they are often the lubricants of choice for high-vacuum environments.

Packing & Storage

Our company supplies in the form of 1kg and 5kg plastic drum packaging.

Special requirements can be based on customer requirements to use industrial drum packaging. 

Shelf life: 24 months.