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PFPE Oil RUI-M Series

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RUI-M series products is a kind of perfluorinated polymer with only fluorine, carbon and oxygen atoms on the molecular chain. It is used as vacuum pump oils. RUI-M series don't polymerize when exposed to oxygen, ionizing radiation or accelerated subatomic particles. Using RUI-M products, the system stays free of varnish and deposit from fluid decomposition. RUI-M is resistant to oxidation of explosion and hot fluid. It can be exposed repeatedly to air without harm to the fluid while running the pumps. RUI-M is inert to most reactive chemicals, the fluid can be used in direct contact with materials such as UF6, F2, PCl3, BF3, without harm to the fluid.

Product Features

● Low vapor pressure, low volatility

● No flash and ignition point

● High temperature stability

● Water and solvent resistance

● Radiation resistance

● Compatibility with Metals, plastics, and elastomers

● Chemically inert

Technical Index

Average Molecular Weight1800250027003300
Kinematic Viscosity(cst,20°C)60140160256
Viscosity Index7197110113
Pour Point(°C)-50-45-45-35
Vapor Pressure



Surface Tension(Dyne/cm)19191919
Density(0°C, g/cm3)1.881.891.891.90


RUI-M series oils are suggested for applications requiring the highest quality vacuum such as in scanning electron transmission microscopes, mass spectrometers, particle accelerators, ion implantation, plasma and vapor deposition processes. In addition, it is suggested for pumps handing reactive gases such as UF6, F2, Oxygen, Ozone, and Tritium, as the fluid can be used in direct contact with those gases without reaction and fluid degradation. For higher vacuum application, please use RUI-H series products.

Packing & Storage

Our company supplies in the form of 1kg and 5kg plastic drum packaging.

Special requirements can be based on customer requirements to use industrial drum packaging. 

Shelf life: 24 months.