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Non-silicone Grease RJ-T104

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RJ-T104 is mainly composed of synthetic oil, compound lithium soap and solid lubricant. It is suitable for lubrication between plastics and plastics, plastics and metals in medium, high speed, light and medium load, such as plastic gear and operating mechanism for household appliances, office equipment, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and toys.

Product Features

● Excellent high temperature thermal stability and oxidation stability

● Low odor

● Compatible with most plastics and rubber

● Low evaporation loss, suitable for long-term lubrication

● Does not contain the heavy metal such as lead, belongs to the green environmental protection product

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  White grease
Infiltration degree(60 times,0.1mm)  310~340
Dropping point(℃)  >330
Evaporation loss(120℃,%)  0.08
Copper corrosion(100℃*24h,level)  1a
Applicable temperature range(℃)  -50~150


RJ-T104 is available in 12kg,17kg plastic bucket.


This product is stored and transported according to non-dangerous goods.Should be stored in dry and ventilated shade, avoid strong sunlight.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 24 months