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Silicone Release Agent RJ-6016E

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RJ-6016E is a silicone emulsion made for metal die-casting demoulding. The main active component of RJ-6016E is liquid polysiloxane modified by long alkyl and aryl groups(RJ-6016). For its high temperature resistance and good demould ability, it can be used as release agent for metal(Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, etc.) die-casting. This agent is especially suitable for demoulding light casting(mobile phone and lap-top shell).

Product Features

● Outstanding demoulding ability

● Bright and clean surface after demoulding

● Low influence to after treatment

● Environmentally-friendly

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Milky white liquid
Ionic  Non-ionic
Freezing point(ºC)  -2
pH  6.0-8.0
Temperature resistance

  680-720ºC for instant

  280-320ºC for long time

Density(25ºC, g/cm3)  0.85-1.05

Application & Usage notice

RJ-6016E release agent has strong lubrication and impact resistance. When the mold release agent is sprayed on the surface of the mold, a compact film is immediately formed on the surface of the mold. The film is resistant to high pressure and scour during the injection process, effectively preventing the adhesion of the die casting products to the mold and preventing the product from changing.

RJ-6016E can effectively solve the problems such as darkness and rust of the casting’s surface caused by oxidation. It is very simple and convenient to use. Reduce the number of mold cleaning, keep product surface clean, bright, do not affect after treatment of casting.

RJ-6016E is a non-toxic, non-burning, non-corrosive, environmentally-friendly emulsion release agent without any chemical reaction. It can be diluted directly with water in the process of use, and does not contain harmful smoke.

Dilute RJ-6016E with deionized water before use (80-150times, recommended simple test before use). Spray RJ-6016E after cleaning the mould to ensure the agent is rightly adhered.


RJ-6016E is available in 50kg, 200kg plastic barrel.


This product is stored and transported according to non-dangerous goods. Should be stored in dry and ventilated shade, avoid strong sunlight, avoid contact with acid, alkali.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 6 months