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Liquid Silicone Rubber RJL-100

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The RJL-100 series are two component compounds liquid silicone rubber that vulcanizes at room temperature for molding processions.

Properties and Features

● nil shrinkage.

● high chemical resistance to aggressive components of some types of resins.

● excellent non-stick effect.

● through ROHS, testing.

Technical Index 

Tensile strength(Mpa)
Tear strength(KN/m)

● Physical data in the above table is for reference only.

● Vulcanization condition: 135℃×5Min.

● operating time, hardness after curing can be adjusted according to customer demand.


Suitable for the production of general mold making,food grade molding application and tire mold making.


1. Mixing: Component A (base glue) and component B (curing agent) are mixed in weight ratio 1:1 or 10:1. Mixing can be done manually or using equipment.

2. Defoaming: the mixture should be defoaming before mold filling. When used in a small amount, it can be carried out in a vacuum dryer. Under vacuum, the volume of the rubber can be increased by 4-5 times. Therefore, the volume of the vessel for defoaming should be 4-5 times larger than that of the rubber. After a few minutes, the colloid area will return to normal. When there is no bubble escaping from the surface (about 10 minutes), the defoaming process will be completed.

3. Surface treatment: the mold surface to be touched by the adhesive or the surface of the material to be sealed should be treated with liquid paraffin as a demoulding agent.

4. Vulcanization and demoulding: The mixture of defoamed rubber cured at 120 ±5℃ for 30 minutes, cured at 60 ~70℃ for 2~3 hours and cured at room temperature for 24 hours. The curing temperature and time can be determined according to the technological conditions.


Both components A and B can be packed in the following three types of conventional packaging: 20Kg pails or 25Kg pails or 200kg drums.


Stored at room temperature in the sealed container, prevent rain, sunlight exposure and keep away from fire and heat.

Shelf life

Shelf life: The products have a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture depending on the shore hardness if stored at room temperature in the originally sealed container.