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Two-component Flame Retardant Foam Silicone Sealant RJ-M8100

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This product is a two-component foamed silicone rubber, mainly used for the sealing of various pipeline, cavities and crevices of electronic appliances, plays the role of flame retardant and vibration reduction.


  1. Excellent flame retardant property, V-0;

  2. Fast foaming;

  3. Foaming and solidifying, irregular shape.

Technical Index 

  Property  High density type  Low density type

  Mixing raito  1:1  1:1

Before curing

  Component A viscosity


  25000-35000  7000-8000

  Component B viscosity 


  25000-35000  7000-8000

After curing

  Color  Gray/black  Gray/black
  Viscosity(mPa·s)  25000-35000  7000-8000
  Operation time(min/25oC)  1  1

  Foam completion time


  3  3
  Hardness, shore A  20-30  5-15

  Density after


  0.6-0.8  0.3-0.4

  UL94 flame retardant


  V-0  V-0

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.

Use instructions

This product is suitable for mixing of mechanical equipment. Due to the short operation time, the mixing time should be as short as possible, and after mixing, the mixture should be quickly injected into the seal.

Before use, components A and B should be stirred evenly before use

This product should avoid contact with substances containing N, P and S, otherwise it will lead to non-curing adhesive.

The unused glue should be sealed and kept.


5L/10L barrel packaging or different packing Available.


please stored in a cool and dry place under 28 oC.

Shelf life

12 month.