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Flange Silicone Sealant RJ-M8900

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This silicone sealant is specially used for plane sealing in automotive and marine industry, designed of single component, neutral curing with high-performance. The product can replace kinds of rubber pad, cork pad cardboard pad, and seal the flange joint surfaces of automobile, motorcycle and kinds of mechanical equipment engine, gear box and ect al. After curing, the elastomer has excellent temperature resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, adhesive performance and shock resistance.


It is used for sealing of mechanical equipment engine, gear box and other plane flange joint surfaces in automotive and marine industry.

Properties and Features 

1. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, fuel resistance, moisture resistance; 

2. Excellent heat and cold resistance, ensure mechanical equipments for sustainable work from -50℃-250℃; 

3. No corrosion to the substrate. 

4. Excellent resistance to automotive engine oils.

Technical index

Products  RJ-M8900
Color  White/black/grey
Extrusion rate  20-100g/min
Solidification type  Neutral
Specific gravity, g/cm3  1.34±0.1
Tack-Free Time, min  5~35
Durometer hardness, A  30~50
Tensile strength, MPa  ≥1.5
Elongation at Break, %  ≥250
Working temp, ℃  -50~250
Oil resistance             Change rate of Tensile strength  ﹤20%
                                     Change rate of Elongation at Break

Physical data in the above table is for reference only.

Operation and safety 

Remove the oil and dust, keep the surface dry and clean. Apply the glue to the adhesive surface and make a continuous rubber ring. The uncured sealant should not contact the eyes. If contact occurs, please flush with water and contact the doctor; Do not put this sealant into use immediately after it is applied. After self-curing and complete (≥ 24h), elastic anti-seismic sealing gasket is formed. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contacting with the surface of the food.


300ML plastic hose, 50ml in aluminum toothpaste pipe, 200L iron drum or Different Packing Available.


Belong to the non-dangerous goods, please stored in a cool and dry place under 27℃.

Shelf life 

12 month.