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Thread Fastening Glue

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Thread fastening glue, also known as anaerobic adhesive, is an aqueous methacrylate anaerobic adhesive. It is a sealing adhesive prepared by the principle of oxygen on the principle of free radical inhibition. When the rubberized surface is isolated from the air and catalyzed, it can be rapidly polymerized and cured at room temperature.

Technical Index

(1) Pre-coated thread fastening glue series

Product List  colour



  Destructive force 

  rejection (N·m)

Film formation time 



temperature (℃)

RJ204  red  11620>29


RJ503  white  4000-7000
25 (80℃)
RJ516  brown  20000-40000
20 (80℃)

(2) Anaerobic thread fastening glue series

Product ListRJ222RJ242RJ243RJ262RJ271RJ272RJ277RJ290


filling gap (mm)





force rejection(N·m)


Average disassembly torque


Working temperature (°C)-55-150
Initial solidification time (min)2020101010303010
Full solid time (h)24

(3) Anaerobic pipe thread fastening glue series

Product ListRJ545RJ554RJ567RJ569RJ577RJ570
Density (g/cm3)
Viscosity (mPa·s)145002500550000500243005500
Working temperature (℃)


Flow rate when liquid is sealedmoderatefastinstantmoderateinstantmoderate
Disassembly strengthlowhighlowmoderatemoderatelow
Maximum sealing pressure (MPa)70.47170.470.570.555.2


● Easy to use , environmentally friendly. 

● Prevents loosening from shock and vibration. 

● Can be used on various sizes of fasteners-reduces inventory costs. 

● Seals threads.

● Stops rust and corrosion.

● Locking and sealing of various types of threaded fasteners.

● Sealing of bolts, pipe threads, plated joints.

● Sealing oil well casing and oil pipeline thread.

Use guide

(1) The useage of pre-coated thread fastening glue:

1. Clean the bolts with a metal cleaning solution to remove oil, dust, rust, and dry.

2. Adjust the glue: Mix the two components according to A:B=28:1 (mass ratio) and mix well. (single component is omitted for this step).

3. Apply the mixed glue to the bolts by hand or special glue applicator. The glue amount is based on the glue gap completely filled with the thread gap. At least 6 screws should be coated.

4. Bake at 70 ° C for 30 min, cool to room temperature and package. When the bolt is used, it is directly tightened in place and naturally solidified in the air.

(2) The usage of anaerobic thread fastening glue and anaerobic pipe thread fastening glue:1. Clean the surface to remove oil, dust, rust and dry.

2. Open the cap of the bottle and squeeze the glue onto the cleaned surface. Glue should be sufficient .

3. Screw the thread up, adjust the position before initial solidification, and do not loosen the thread after initial solidification.

4. Tighten the threads in place and let them dry naturally in the air. An instant seal is available to achieve maximum sealing pressure for 24h.

Remarks: (1) This product is not recommended for use in pure oxygen or oxygen-enriched systems and should not be selected as chlorine or other sealant containing strong oxidizing substances. (2) When cleaning the surface of the substratewith a cleaning solution, it is important to check the compatibility of the cleaning solution with the adhesive. In some cases, these cleaning fluids can affect the cure and performance of the adhesive. (3) This product is generally not recommended for use on plastics (especially thermoplastics, which may cause cracking). It is recommended that the user confirm the compatibility of the product with the adhesive before use.


50 mL or 100mL


Sealed storage under 28℃, Store in a cool, dark place.The shelf life would be shortened if the temperature is too high or too low

Shelf life

12 months