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Amino-modified Hydrophilic Softener RUISOFT 8062M

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Product Description

RUISOFT 8062M is a water-dispersible amino-modified hydrophilic softener with non-yellowing property. RUISOFT 8062M is an efficient hydrophilic silicone softener for a wide range of fabrics, such as 100% cotton, polyester/cotton blends, wool, rayon and acrylic wovens, nonwovens and knits.

Features and Advantages

● Excellent hydrophilicity in cotton and cotton blends;

● Increase hydrophilicity and a cotton-like feel in synthetics;

● No yellowing;

● High cost performance with 100% active linear silicone copolymer;

● Excellent chemical stability, can resist high temperature, wide pH and high shearing

● Self-dispersible by water

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Clear to slight haze
Solid content,%  100
Ionic  Nonionic
Viscosity (cst)  3700


RUISOFT 8062M was pad bath-applied to 100% thermalbonded polyester and 100% spunbonded polypropylene at a 1.0% actives level. RUISOFT 8062M provided a soft,luxurious feel to both nonwovens and reduced wetting times of both materials from >300 sec to<1 sec.


RUISOFT 8062M is available in 200kg plastic drums or other packing on request.


Transport as non-hazardous chemical. Storage in original container is recommended.

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place.

Shelf life

Shelf life 12 months in closed original containers.