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Silicone Softener RUISOFT 8064M

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Product Description

RUISOFT 8064M is a linear organo-silicone copolymer. RUISOFT 8064M can deliver a luxuriously soft and flexible hand feel to most types of cellulosic, regenerated cellulosic and cellulosic blends of fabrics and garments.

Features and Advantages

● Slippery, voluminous and in-depth softness on virtually all types of fabrics as opposed to a greasy hand feel;

● Due to excellent exhaustibility and affinity with fibers, exhibit unique and unusually powerful softness effect at low use levels.

● Quickly absorbs water and perspiration; minimal impact on the hydrophilic nature of cotton and cotton blends.

● Fabrics and garments treated with RUISOFT 8064M remain hydrophilic on aging.

● Provides stretch recovery with bouncy and drapable effect, particularly on knits.

● Less yellowing;

● Easy to emulsify

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Light yellow liquid
Flash point (ºC)  >100
Viscosity (cst)  15,000
Density(g/cm3, 25 ºC)  0.98
Ionic of emulsion  Weakly cationic


RUISOFT 8064M can be used for all kinds of cellulose fabrics, including regenerated cellulosic and cellulosic blends. RUISOFT 8064M should be emulsified before applying in textile finish process. It is easier to be emulsified than other traditional silicone oil for textile softener. Normal equipment and emulsifier can meet the requirement.

Because of its cationic structure, RUISOFT 8064M has limited compatibility with anionic auxiliaries. Compatibility tests should be carried out before it is used together with other chemicals.

Optimum dose levels of RUISOFT 8064M are subject to type of fabric and level of softness required, but 10-30 g/l ( for 0.2-0.6 % silicone pick-up ) of 20% silicone actives emulsion is typically recommended.

Formulation (20% active)

RUISOFT 8064M  23.5
TO-6  4.2
TO-12  8.8
Glacial acetic acid  0.3
Sodium acetate  0.3
Water  62.9


1. Charge RUISOFT 8064M and emulsifiers into a container. Mix well till fully homogeneous.

2. Dissolve sodium acetate and acetic acid to water..

3. Slowly add the water solution to silicone/emulsifiers blend while mixing. Avoid stirring too much air into the mixture.

4. Filter into the containers.


RUISOFT 8064M is available in 200kg plastic drums or other packing on request.


Transport as non-hazardous chemical. Storage in original container is recommended.

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place.

Shelf life

Shelf life 12 months in closed original containers.