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Silicone Softener RUISOFT 8065M

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Product Description

RUISOFT 8065M is a linear organo-silicone copolymer, with high molecular weight, delivers excellent hydrophilicity and processability. RUISOFT 8065M provides voluminous hand-feel combined with excellent hydrophilicity and stability in textile finishing. Finishing with RUISOFT 8065M makes garments comfortable to wear and have a cotton-like touch.

Features and Advantages

● Provides voluminous and silky softness with dry hand-feel for almost all types of fabrics, particularly cotton and cotton blends;

● Excellent hydrophilicity in cotton and cotton blends;

● Increase hydrophilicity and a cotton-like feel in synthetics;

● Durable softness to home laundry;

● Virtually no yellowing;

● High cost performance with 100% active linear silicone copolymer;

● Excellent chemical stability, can resist high temperature, wide pH and high shearing

● Easy to emulsify

Technical Index

Property  Specification
Appearance  Pale yellow liquid
Viscosity (cst)  7,000
Density(g/cm3, 25 ºC)  1.00


RUISOFT 8065M can be used for all types of fabrics and colors, including cotton, cotton blends, synthetics and other cellulose. But the best performance will be

achieved when applied to cotton and cotton blends. Remarkably, retain the hydrophilicity even after extreme cure conditions as well as on aging of treated fabrics.

RUISOFT 8065M should be easily emulsified with simple mixer. It is easier to be emulsified than other traditional silicone oil softener. Normal equipment and emulsifier can meet the requirement.

The emulsion of RUISOFT 8065M is extremely stable under high shear, wide PH range (3-12) and high temperature. As a result, RUISOFT 8065M can be applied onto fabrics by all types of finishing equipment including high speed padding, kiss roll, spray, exhaustion, etc.

Formulation (10% active)

RUISOFT 8065M  10.0
TO-6  2.3
TO-12  1.7
Butyl Carbitol  1.0
Acetic acid  0.3
Sodium acetate  0.1
Water  84.6

Formulation (20% active)

RUISOFT 8065M  20.0
TO-6  2.0
TO-12  6.0
Butyl Carbitol  4.0
Acetic acid  0.6
Sodium acetate  0.1
Water  67.3


1. Charge RUISOFT 8065M, emulsifier and butyl carbitol in the container, start to stir at 800~1,00rpm for 20 minutes until fully homogeneous.

2. Premix acetic acid and sodium acetate in water.

3. Slowly add the acidic water while continuously stirring mixture in the container. Avoid stirring too much air into the mixture.

4. Reduce mixing speed to 400~500rpm and continue to stir for 20 minutes.

5. Clear micro-emulsion should be obtained at end of this procedure


  Padding process  Exhaustion process
Dosage   10 ~ 20g/l  1~ 2% (o.w.f.)
Liquor ratio  --  1/10 ~ 1/20
Pick up  --  --
pH  6.0~ 8.0   6.0~ 8.0
Temp.  Ambient temperature  Ambient temperature
Time  --  15 ~ 30 min
Dry  160 °C  160 ºC


RUISOFT 8065M is available in 202 kg plastic drums or other packing on request.


Transport as non-hazardous chemical. Storage in original container is recommended.

Keep container tightly closed and store in a cool, well ventilated place.

Shelf life

Shelf life 12 months in closed original containers.