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Silicone Wax RJS-2501

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INCI Name: PEG-24 Dimethicone


RJS-2501 Silicone Wax is a water-soluble silicone glycol copolymer wax. The product has excellent compatibility with polar ingredients and can be applied in personal care products, such as cosmetics, skin care, hair care, etc, especially in transparent personal care products.RJS-2501 is nontoxic and non-irritating.


Appearance  White wax

Relative density(40℃)

Melting point (℃)  33-40
Flashpoint (℃,opened cup)  >100
Active component (%)  100


● Excellent foam stability

● Excellent humectants and spreading abilities

● Good emollient ability and moisturizes

● For transparent personal care products


In cosmetics, skin care, hair cares etc, having excellent compatibilities with ingredients in formulations. Soluble in water completely, improving humectants and spreading abilities in creams, lotions, deodorant and antisudorific.

In lotions and shampoo, increasing foam density and stability, having emollient feel to skin and hair and decreasing oily feel of surfactant type lotions. Improving moisturization and emollient feel formulations.


Silicone Wax is easy to formulate into aqueous systems.

It is best to melt the material prior to use in the formulations. The recommended usage level is 4%-12% in most applications.

Packing & Storage

Silicone Wax is supplied in 20Kg plastic containers.Samples are available upon request in bottles.Prevent from the exposure of moisture, acid, alkalis and other Impurities.

Shelf life:1 years