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Conductive solid Silicone rubber RJ-0134

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Product Information

Conductive solid Silicone rubber RJ-0134



This product is the conductive silicone rubber with high hardness and high strength, mainly used as electric-stress control products for cable plug, through extending the cutting part of insulation layer, make zero potential form a trumpet shape, improve the electric field distribution of the insulation layer, reduce the insulation destruction, ensure the service life of the cable.


Features and Advantages

Excellent probability

Compound with high-quality materials

Cable plug dedicated

Suitable for mold process

Excellent mechanical properties

Good conductivity

Easy to use



Technical Date




Black cream

Specific gravity (25)


Hardness (Shore,A)

Tensile strength at break (MPa)


Tear strength (kN/m)


Elongation at break (%)


Permanent set at break (%)


Volume resistance (Ω · cm)



Note: These values are not intended for use in preparing specification.





RJ-0134 is mainly used as electric-stress control products for cable accessories of 10~35KV cold shrinkable or prefabricated silicone rubber cable plug.




RJ-0134 is available in 25kg paper box or other packing on request.



The product is a non-dangerous product. In storage and transportation, prevent from the exposure of moisture, acids, alkalies, and other impurities.


Shelf life

Original characteristics remain intact for 1 year from the date of production at room temperature in seal-tight condition, it is strongly recommended that the containers are sealed tightly after use each time.


Revision Date: 01/05/2015                 Version 2.0


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