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Silane Emulsion Water Repellent RJ-WP08E

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Silane Emulsion Water Repellent RJ-WP08E has multi-function, which can be waterproofing and decrease water, widely used as overall waterproofing agent for cement mortar.

The waterproof mechanism:

When the waterproofing agent, cement mortar, concrete and water be hydrated together, the waterproofing agent will cross-link three-dimensional reticular silicate in the alkaline catalyst firstly. Then block the capillary pores of cement hydration process. At the same time, the water repellent film is formed on the surface and pore walls of cement. Therefore, the waterproof agent has double waterproof functions. The waterproofing agent contains a certain amount of non-ionic, anionic surfactants, which can reduce the frictional resistance of cement mortar or concrete, improve mobility, and workability, playing a role of sufficient water reduction. In the maintenance process of the cement, it can make the structure more closely and enhance the strength.

Technical Index


 Milky white liquid



 Solid content


 Active content


 Mechanical stability

 Not layered at 2000rpm centrifugal 5 mins

 Storage stability

 ≧ 6 months not layered

 Water dilution stability

 3 months not layered after water dilution


1. Waterproof for railway and highway, underground construction, Marine engineering, kitchen and other high-grade concrete structure.

2. Production of water resistance building materials.

3. furrow irrigation for railway, highway and bridge.

4. Production of MgO Board. 


1. Weighed cement and other materials, mixing with mechanical.

2. Measured water-proof agent as the 1%-2% proportion of cement ,then mixed in the water, (the water should occupy 35%-40% proportion of cement ) then mixed and stir

3. Added the material into mixed concrete under mechanical agitation.

4. Then can be applied by LiuZhu method leveling or scraper.

5. Cement solidification should be prevented for in the rain or Exposure in the sun first day.

6. Fully cure after 14-28 days

7. Ensure the waterproof-layer thickness 10-15mm


Silane Emulsion Water Repellent RJ-WP08E is available in 50kg, 200kg plastic drum Or other packing on request.


1. Avoid children coming into contact with this product.

2. Being storage in closed containers.

3. No fire on the construction site.

Shelf life

Shelf life: 6 Months.

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