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High-performance Water Repellent RJ-WP11E

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RJ-WP11E is a silane/siloxane emulsion water repellent that is synthesized by a special process with a high-efficiency emulsifier. It is the latest generation of patented emulsion products developed by RUISIL. This product has strong permeability, which can greatly reduce the surface tension of the substrate when coated on the surface of the substrate. This product does not contain any catalyst and can be suitable for the waterproof treatment of neutral substrates such as wood.

Technical Index

AppearanceMilky white liquid
Active Content45%
Density 25℃ (g/cm3)1.00-1.05 g/cm3


  • Low VOC, easy to use , environmentally friendly

  • Excellent surface hydrophobic effect, strong resistance to water pressure

  • Contains no organic tin catalyst which is toxic.


  • Cement products and cement fiber products

  • Timber and wood products

  • Sandstones

  • Highway and airport pavement 

  • Calcium silicate boards and other silicate based material

Use guide

When use as surface waterproofing treatment, diluted RJ-WP11(E) emulsion,added 5-12 fold water to RJ-WP11 (E) and mixed uniformly before use. Brush or spray the substrate, make substrate fully wet. After the construction, substrate need 1 day protection ensure to silicone resin fully cured.


200L drum or 1000L IBC Totes


Sealed storage under 5-30℃, Avoid contact with acids and alkali substance.

Shelf life

12 months.