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Corporate Information
  • When was the Ruijiang Group founded?
    Ruijiang Group was founded in Hangzhou in 1999.
  • Which subsidiaries does Ruijiang Group own?
    HangZhou Ruijiang Performance Material Science Co.,Ltd; HangZhou Ruijian Chemical Co., Ltd; HangZhou Ruijiang Industry Co,.Ltd; Zhengjiang Chun-An Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd.
  • Where is the headquarters of Ruijiang Group?
    Our headquarters is located in West Lake District, Hangzhou, China.
  • How many employees are there in Ruijiang Group?
    Ruijiang Group has more than 500 employees and more than 30 technicians.
  • What are the main business of HangZhou Ruijiang Performance Material Science Co.,Ltd?
    Hangzhou Ruijiang Performance Material Science Co.,Ltd, branded as RUISIL, is subsidiary of Ruijiang Group. RUISIL is a technology-based chemical company, focusing on research and application of new silicone material and technology. Following Ruijiang Group`s customer-oriented core value, RUISIL makes continuous improvement on application research of new silicone materials in construction ,textile, cosmetic, agrochemical etc. RUISIL concentrates on providing professional solutions, meeting customized demands, creating maximum value and growing together with our customers.
  • What is the corporate culture and mission of Ruijiang Group?
    Customer-centered; struggle-oriented; long-term hard struggle
Production Information
  • Why some poor quality silicone oil has a strong smelly odor?
    When the sealing agent or low boiling substance in the production of silicone oil is not removed, silicone oil will have a strong smelly odor. Such silicone oil will have an impact on the customer\'s subsequent application,Ruisil have strict production control and inspection to ensure the high quality of the silicone oil,provide customers with the best quality products.
  • Which indicator is the main concern when purchasing silicone agricultural adjuvants?
    When buying agricultural adjuvants, customers are mainly concerned with the spreading performance.Ruisil agricultural adjuvants have superspreading performance.When applied, it can spread quickly on plant leaves,thus improving the use efficiency of agricultural chemicals.
  • How to judge the quality of silicone oil polydimethylsiloxane (PMDS) by simple method?
    1.High quality silicone oil has or a very slight odor 2.High quality silicon oil is transparent in appearance
  • What is the chemical reaction mechanism of silicone water repellent?
    After being painted on the surface of the substrate, it will react with the water in the air. Then producing Si-OH group by hydrolysis,combining with the -OH group on the substrate to become a Si-O-Si chemical bond.Because of the strong chemical bond energy, silicone water repellent can provide long - term waterproof protection for various substrates.
  • How to identify the waterproof ability of water repellent?
    Appearance: Especially for transparent oil-base and emulsion water repellent, we can solvent them first to see if the solution is stable without layers. 2.Odor: Usually, water-base emulsion water repellent is odorless. There is VOC in solvent-base waterproof. 3. Hydrophobic ability: drop the water on the waterproof surface, then lead the surface. If the water drop can roll down to fall, it\'s good hydrophobic. 4. Penetrate ability: Scrape some the waterproof surface, then drop the water. To see whether the water can be absorb by the substrate.
Contact Information
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