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Silicone Solutions For Polyurethane Foam
RUISIL foam stabilizer for professional polyurethane industry solution. RUISIL PU foam additives are kinds of silicone surfactants, With excellent performance in stability, flowing, emulsifying, etc. RUISIL silicone surfactants are respectively designed for polyurethane manufacture of flexible foams,flame retardant foams, visco-elastic foams(VE), high resilience foams(HR), panel, pour in place, block, spray, one component foam(OCF) and microcellar elastomer. RUISIL help customers improve foam performance and provide the possibility to reduce costs by 20%. Also, RUISIL support customization possible.
  • Flexible foam surfactant/RJ-71xx&RJ-72xx
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  • Rigid foam surfactant/RJ-75xx
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  • HR foam surfactant/RJ-74xx
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  • VE foam surfactant/RJ-73xx
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Can be used in the manufacture of polyurethane foams, include rigid foams, flexible foams, viscoelastic foams, HR foams, shoe sole.
  • Household appliances production

  • Home furniture production

  • Car production

  • Shoes production

  • Construction

RUISIL offers high performance materials with cost-effective, have many years supply experience on silicone surfactant. We are committed to provide customers with a better choice.
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