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Silicone Solutions for agriculture
RUISIL adjuvant and antifoam for professional agricultural solution. RUISIL agricultural adjuvants are kinds of silicone surfactants. With excellent performance in spreading, wetting, penetration, rainfastness, complete spay coverage,RUISIL adjuvants will help you reduce up to 70% spray volume to lower cost. RUISIL antifoams are specially designed for agro- system.The perfoamcne of controling the foam, maintaining long lasting low-levels foam and stability and compatibility in solution could ranked as top class.
  • RJ-7033
    Super spreader & Penetration
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  • RJ-7086
    Low foam&Super spreader
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As tank-mix adjuvant & in the formulation of agrochemicals
  • Plant Protection

  • High Diffusivity

  • Pesticide Additives Useable

  • As additive in the formulation of agrochemicals
    Silicone agricultural adjuvants can be used as a component of 0.5%-8% in agroche...
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  • As tank-mix adjuvant
    As a tank mix additive,silicone agricultural adjuvant can improve spray coverage...
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RUISIL silicone surfactants are widely used in tank mix and formulation to improve agrochemical’s properties such as spreading, wettability, penetration of the active ingredients. Reducing loss in application to achieve better productivity and profitability for farmers.
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Learn more about solutions for Tank mix & Formulation applications.
  • Learn more about solutions for agriculture applications.
    Silicone surfactant is a kind of very efficient surfactant for agro use,with muc...
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  • Silicone surfactant is a kind of very efficient surfactant for agro use,with much better wetting effect than any traditional surfactants.