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Antibacterial Agent
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Ruijiang has a variety of antibacterial products, including antibacterial powder, antibacterial masterbatch and antibacterial liquid. The product structure ranges from organic quaternary ammonium salts to inorganic metal ions, which can meet the needs of different materials, different processing conditions and different application scenarios.
  • Antibacterial Agent RJ-AB130
    RJ-AB130 has strong inhibition and killing effect for various bacteria, such as ...
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  • Antibacterial Agent RJ-AB180
    Chemical name:Silver-Titanium Dioxide composite; Antibacterial agent for fabric....
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  • Antibacterial Agent RJ-ABP1
    RJ-ABP1 is based on zirconium phosphate as small as nanometers as a carrier, and...
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  • Antibacterial Agent RJ-ABB1
    RJ-ABB1 is based on silicon dioxide as small as micrometers as a carrier, and us...
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Antibacterial Agent can be used in the manufacture of fabrics, disinfectant, plastic, film, coating, ceramic, PU, rubber, sealant, wood, etc.
  • Textiles

  • Household Appliance

  • Water Treatment

  • Construction

  • Sanitation Supplies

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