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Silicone Emulsion RJ-6018

Suit for textile raising agent(For Polyester Knitted fabric, T/C fabrics) and no yellow change softener; and plastic and rubber release agent; leather and furniture polishing agents; rubber tackifier; latex product processing of chicken claw recess membrane release agent; medicine and hair care and so on.

1. High silicone content, less usage and economical.

2. High stable performance, can be diluted to the required concentration with water.

3. Excellent effect on raising fluff, can reduce the number of fuzzing times and improve the efficiency of raising.

4. Give the fabric fluffy hand feelraising fluff with uniform effect.

5. Polishing and improve the surface gloss.

6. Performance of characteristics of lubrication and non-erosion, can be used for mold release agent, release agent, latex product processing of chicken claw recess membrane release agent and hair care.

7. Temperature resistant (50 ℃) and shear resistant.

Technical Index
AppearanceMilk white liquid 
Solid content(%)59.0-62.0
pH value6.5-8.5(1% water solution)
Ionic  Non ionic/Weak anion

This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
Textile raising agent
Plastic and rubber release agents
Latex gloves processing chicken claw recessed film release and anti-adhesive agent
Tire and sole release agent
Leather and furniture polishing agents
Personal care