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Silicone Elastomer RJS-9046

RJS-9046 can be dispersed in oil phase rather than dissolves in it. The product may  be formulated into w/o emulsions, water-in-silicone oil, and water-in-oil emulsions and anhydrous products to provide dry smoothness and a light silky skin, non-greasy feel. Long time deposit may lead to condensation, yet under shear force, the product will become dilution, it is not an issue of the quality.

INCI NAME: Cyclopentasiloxane (and) Dimethicone / vinyldimethicone Crosspolymer (and)                   Dimethiconol

Technical Index
AppearanceColorless to yellowish, transparent to translucent gel
Specific gravity (25)0.900-0.940
Refractive index (25)1.3950~1.4050
Viscosity (CS, 25) 25,0000-55,0000

This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
  • Skin care, hair care, and other potential formulations, such as sun care, color cosmetics, and styling aid, etc.
  • Cross-linked silicone elastomer gel
  • Act as a thickener in W/O systems
  • Slight sebum absorbing