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Silicone Masterbatch RJ-S202

RJ-S202 is a high-content functional plastic additive which contains special-modified UHMW polysiloxane. It is applicable to different kinds of polymer materials with prominent rheological property, surface performance, synergistic with flame retardancy, abrasion and scratch resistance.

Technical Index
Property Specification
Appearance Light white pellets
Density 1.10g/cm3
The content of siloxane polymer 75%
Heat loss 0.8% max
Dosage 0.5%-5.0%(PE/EVA/TPE)

This product can be used in variety of applications, including:
Improve surface gloss of thermoplastics
  • RJ-S202 can obviously improve surface gloss of thermoplastics when extrusion, eliminate melt fracture, reduce die drool, enhance surface smooth finish and give a good touch feel.
Enhancing production efficiency
  • Especially for high -filled system, it can improve processing fluidity, reduce extrusion torque and promote filler dispersion thus enhancing production efficiency.
Imparts material surface
  • The special-modified silicone concentrating on the surface imparts material surface with enhanced compactness, reduced COF and improved abrasion and scratch resistance.
Reduce the smoke emission and heat release rate
  • For the HFFR system, it can be synergistic with flame retardancy, reduce the smoke emission and heat release rate when burning without bad influence on mechanical performance of material itself.
According to state and international transportation regulation, RJ-S202 is not a dangerous product. The standard packaging is paper carton, 20kg/carton netweight, 480kg/pallet. For other quantitative packaging availability, please contact our marke